Wednesday, January 27, 2010

UTM wind tunnel

UTM wind tunnel
-Working as a Wind Tunnel Technician,we must have to prepare for the facility first..THE WIND TUNNEL!

wHAt's YouR jOB?

First of all,in this sub-topic on my first issue, abe would like to share with all the readers about a job as a Wind Tunnel Technician.Abe got an information about this jobs from 'live' interview with one of the 'technician' from AeroLAB UTM(Universiti Teknologi Malaysia,skudai) that is formerly known with his famous nick-name,'mr.Scorpion'.

'Fan' to create a wind speed up until 300km/h..whoaa!!

'Fan' to create a wind speed up until  300km/h..whoaa!!
-This huge fan is driven by electrical motor.The speed rotation is adjustable,depend to the customer/user needs hehe..
For your information, UTM wind tunnel is category as a 'Low Speed Tunnel' and the first wind tunnel own by Malaysia.Built with cost around RM23 million & launched by the Prime Minister of Malaysia YAB.Datuk Seri Najib Tun Abdul Razak (those day he was a former Deputy Prime Minister).Vision to built this Wind Tunnel is to upgrade the research program in field study of aerodynamic engineering.

UTM Wind Tunnel Regular user/customer

UTM Wind Tunnel Regular user/customer
-Proton was making a smart decision by totally using the facility provided by the Malaysian government.Proton and his team together working with UTM's wind tunnel expert in their(Proton)sophisticated way to design a national cars that can compete with others.

Job Description As A Wind Tunnel Technician

- Fix the model for testing into the test section area(e.g: model of an aircraft).Have to fix it very careful and fragile ;the angle of the model for testing should be in 90 degree radius & follow the specification so that can get & achieve an accurate data.
-Able to fabricate a small scale model for testing into test section.This model can be made from the base material such as wood,metal or fibreglass.
-Verify the wind tunnel facility & equipment are running in a good condition.Wind tunnel equipment such as an air compressor,cooling system,computer operational system & etc.are functional.
-Other jobs that will be inform by Operational Engineer,sooner.

Qualification for Wind Tunnel Technician

By this time in Malaysia,there's only 2 wind tunnel fully operating; One is located at UTM (Faculty of Mechanical Engineering) & another one is located at UIA(Universiti Islam Antarabangsa,Kuliyyah Kejuruteraan).Another one more wind tunnel,that is high speed will be build at Sepang.So,the chances to apply for this position is limited. But for those who interest for this job still can apply for it..We doesn't know if we didn't try isn't it?

-Certificate Of Mechanical Engineering from qualified
-Diploma of Mechanical Engineering from qualified institution

Let sHAre tHE infORmaTIOn

Government or private sector?

'Hmm,after finish my studying,where 'll i go for work? With private sector or government?'..Ordinary question that appear inside some people's mind.Is there any different between working with government or private?What's the advantage and disadvantage?
abe would like to list down some useful important thing different between working with government and private sector:

Private Sector:

1) Limited only for one scheme(until today),that is what we call a KWSP(KUMPULAN WANG SIMPANAN PEKERJA,or in English is Employee Policy Fund).After we retire someday, then the money that we saving every month in KWSP/EPF are able to be drawn.This money can't be draw until it's getting a mature period(wait until we reach retirement ages)

All medical fees is pay by private clinic or hospital(Depend to the limitation fees)

3)All private sector workers are under individual company policy & it's different with other private company policy.

Government sector:

1)2 scheme is offered for government sector workers; KWSP/EPF scheme and also retirement/pension scheme.Selection period for both scheme is between 3 years & government workers is only given to select 1 scheme(whether KWSP/EPF or pension).Government workers that still not yet verified with the job(not yet received verified letter) are not qualified to get pension scheme.Those who are not qualified have to switch on to KWSP scheme first,until they comformed with their jos and they are able to make a selection besides this 2 scheme.

2)Government workers medical fees are paid by government hospital(no charges at all).Some government office also select a private clinic as their payer for government staff.

3)Law & working order for government workers are related under the ministry of Public Sector.

Come and Share: Avoid Mistake During Jobs Interview

There's some tip during jobs interview as your guidance:

1) While the candidate facing a critical way during jobs interview,try your best to answer the question given by the interviewer confidently.'This can show up candidate's good impression',said the interviewer.

2)When facing the harsh interviewer, try to take a deep breath and calm down yourself(think positive).

3)Candidate have to maintain the polite attitude during jobs interview although the interviewer keep asking you with 'killer questions.

4)Try to think that the interviewer's behaviour doesn't deputize the whole organization/company.

5)Candidate have to do a preparation in case of facing the multi-attitude & fussy interviewer.